Barbie Newborn Pups Doll & Pets

Barbie Newborn Pups Doll & Pets


  • ​Surprise — Barbie doll’s pet dog has puppies on the way, and you can help her deliver them!
  • ​Push on the mommy dog’s head to help her welcome a puppy into the world — then push twice more because she has three puppies!
  • ​Wash the newborn puppies with the towel and cold water to open their eyes and reveal a colored heart. Is it a boy or girl?
  • ​Mommy dog’s delivery tub doubles as a puppy bed, a paw-shaped tray is perfect for bath-time and a water bottle helps clean the new puppies up.
  • ​Barbie doll has flexible knees to enhance storytelling and let her welcome and care for the new pups.
  • ​She wears a colorful top with graphic print, denim shorts, a matching headband and white sneakers.
  • ​Young animal lovers can bring so many stories to life with this fun newborn puppy play set!

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